UltiMed UltraCare Vetrex Diabetes Care Thin Lancets for Pets, 26 Gauge
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UltiMed UltraCare Vetrex Diabetes Care Thin Lancets for Pets, 26 Gauge

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Pets are more than just animals pets are part of the family. At UltiCare, we believe your family deserves the best care available. That's why we've spent 25+ years developing products designed to ease the burden of diseases like diabetes. This pack of 100 iPet Pro 28-Gauge Lancets is an important addition to your pet's medical supplies. They are quick and easy to use with the iPet Pro system. The UltiCare iPet Pro Glucose Monitor is specifically designed to measure blood glucose in dogs and cats to help manage diabetes. This device analyzes both venous and capillary blood samples for effective management of your diabetic pet's health. Advanced technology detects and corrects sources of error for improved accuracy. Accurate glucose data is an especially important part of managing diabetes, and iPet Pro accessories are a great first step to treating diabetes. Our supply of diabetic tools simplifies the diabetic testing process so you can put your dog or cat's health first. Pet owners know how expensive and intimidating visits to the vet's office can be, especially for old or senior pets. With the iPet Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit, you can put safety first and support your diabetic pet with the best devices on the market. Our lancets make it easy to draw just the right amount of venous or capillary blood for an accurate glucose test. You can use these lancets on your pet's paw or marginal ear vein. Caring for a pet with diabetes can be difficult, but we've designed high-quality, high-tech products to help ease the burden.
  • SET OF 100: These lancets are designed for use with blood glucose meter devices
  • ACCURATE READINGS: Accurate blood sugar testing is important to manage your pet's diabetes
  • VENOUS & CAPILLARY SAMPLES: Use our lancets on an animal's paw or marginal ear vein
  • 25+ YEARS OF CARE: UltiCare continues to create products and medicines designed with care in mind